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At TCB, we consider each inquiry, regardless size or complexity, as a unique challenge in terms of required management, technology, expertize, design, implementation and support.

We design our solutions using our detailed knowledge and capabilities of the latest technologies and products available in the market, of the particular process application and of the environment of the installation.

As an ISO 9001-certified company, we are committed to continuously improve our customer services, features, benefits and quality, delivering guaranteed services and reducing cost of operation over long periods.

Ensuring the safety of people and assets while raising the performance of your plant are probably the most important priorities of your business. Fully understanding your needs, we always aim to offer complete packages of both Total Solutions and Lifetime support.


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Our Solution and Services are based on the following key elements:

Industrial Grade solutions

  • Our solutions are adapted to the latest technologies from 1st class Vendors and are designed for deployment in harsh industrial environment, always in compliance with the relevant local and international industrial standards and codes.

Guaranteed quality and performance

  • Our services are performed according the procedures of our certified Quality Management System throughout the process of sales, design, implementation, testing and commissioning, as well as the after sales services.
  • Our contract management procedures ensure timely execution and follow strict budget control.

Vigilant approach

  • Our staff is endorsed to a vigilant approach during the project execution and towards our clients.
  • We are committed to maintain long term partnership with our clients and partners.
  • Our design process and after sales services take into consideration the reduction of CAPEX and OPEX throughout the life time of the systems.

TCB's Solutions and After Sales Services have provenly ensured the safe and efficient operation of the critical industrial infrastructures of our end-users for over 2 decades. - Bottom info - User Section - Prefooter Section


  • OM FINLAND Oy Oil Monitoring and Chip Detection Solutions

    Maritime          announcing a new cooperation for Greek and Cyprus region with     Save your MARINE ENGINES, THRUSTERS & TRANSMISSIONS! Avoid damages and DOWNTIME!!             MARITIME CPD - Machine Health Monitoring | OM-Finland Oy Especially designed for diesel engine applications engine output exceeding 1000 kW   Lube oil is a vital component of any rotating engine, power train and high power gear box. Monitoring the quality of the lubricating oil is an efficient way to predict the condition of your machinery. Indications of several metal particles in oil is an early warning about upcoming failure well in advance...

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  • Servomex: Eξειδικευμένος και σύγχρονος οδηγός για την ανάλυση αερίων

    H Servomex παρουσιάζει έναν σύγχρονο, αναλυτικό κι εξειδικευμένο οδηγό για την ανάλυση αερίων.  Ο συγκεκριμένος οδηγός, έχει σχεδιαστεί για να σας βοηθήσει να επιλέξετε την καταλληλότερη λύση σύμφωνα με τις διαδικασίες μετρήσεως που ακολουθείτε και τις ανάγκες που έχετε για την επιχείρησή σας. Περιλαμβάνει: Οπτικούς οδηγούς για τους καταλληλότερους αναλυτές Ο2, CO, CO2, CH4 αερίων Βασικούς παράγοντες κατά τη διαδικασία επιλογής του αποκλειστικού σας προμηθευτή για αναλυτές αερίων Χρήσιμες συμβουλές για έυρη μετρήσεως και πιστοποιητικά καταλληλότητας των αναλυτών αερίων   ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΤΟΝ ΑΝΑΛΥΤΙΚΟ...

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