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(pH, Conductivity, DO, REDOX, Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer, etc).

Control Room Products

(Recorders, DAQ, Controllers, Indicators, etc).

DCS, NCS (Controllers), SCADA, ESD/Safety Control Systems.

Pressure, DP & Temperature Transmitters

Flow Measurement

Portable and Stationary ultrasonic flowmeters for liquids & gases
Process Refractometers and Ultrasonic Concentration analyzers

Combustion, Process, Emissions

Oil Monitoring and Chip Detection Solutions For Marine & Industry 

Gas and Liquid Flow Measurement and Control for micro to low liquid flow rates

Thermal mass, Coriolis, Ultrasonic, Vortex, Magnetic

Vapour Flow Control solutions

Compact Multi-Channel Solutions for Mass Flow and Pressure

Pressure Meters & Pressure Controllers for Gas and Liquid

Pressure, Temperature, signals

Fittings & Valves

Fittings, Process valves, actuators, manifolds, quick connectors, filters, sample

cylinders, pressure gauges, flexible hoses



Safety Relieve Valves, Thermal Relieve Valves,
Spring or Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valves
Safety Selectors, Desuperheaters, etc.

Level Instrumentation,
Level Transmitters & Level Switches, Controllers,
Field Indicators, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters

Thermo Elements, Temperature Sensors, Thermowells,


Pressure, Temperature, Level

Regulating – Metering – Delivery Stations & SCADA
Control Valves, Safety Devices

Industrial Analysis Systems, Shelters Construction, Fire & Gas Systems


Alarm, Annunciators, Event Recorders,
Hazardous Area Notification

Data Acquisition Systems
Wireless Measuring, Indicators, Converters, Isolators

Industrial & Marine Instrumentation
Flow, Pressure, Level Measurements, Indicators,
Totalizers, Displacements Level Transmitters

Instrumentation Cables, Thermocouples Cables

Power Cables, Optical Fibre Cables

Industrial Automation Cables, Industrial Accessories and Component Parts


Mobile Smart Worker Solutions for safe and hazardous areas
Electronic permitting systems
Zone 1 smartphone and tablet
CCTV, ACCESS, Intrusion solutions for safe and hazardous areas

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  • Introducing Our New Partner: Bronkhorst – The low-flow specialists!

    We are excited to announce that TCB is now a proud distributor of Bronkhorst products! With over 40 years of expertise, Bronkhorst has established itself as a global leader in the field of low-flow measurement and control solutions. This partnership will enhance our product offerings, bringing cutting-edge technology to our customers in various industries.                 About Bronkhorst High-Tech  Founded in 1981, Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and has a significant global presence with subsidiaries and representatives in over 30 countries. The company specializes in...

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  • POSIDONIA 2024 - TCB SA_Visit us at 2.239 / Hall 2

                        TCB is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming “Posidonia 2024,” the international shipping exhibition established as one of the major calendar events of the shipping industry.   As a leader in cutting-edge automation technologies and total solutions, we are set to showcase our innovative products and services that have been revolutionizing the marine industry. Our team is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet with you and discuss about innovative products and services that will support your business’s growth.   Join us at «Posidonia 2024» to witness the future of maritime...

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