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In November 2014, the €300m VTT Vasiliko terminal opened for business, designed and constructed by VTTI. Its strategic location makes it the first terminal of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean, connecting Europe and the Black Sea with markets in the Middle East and Asia. The asset currently comprises 28 tanks and capacity of 544,000 m³, and offers access to a deep water marine jetty as well as to road tanker loading facilities.


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TCB Avgidis Automation S.A. successfully completed the delivery and commissioning of the Central Control System for the VVT Vasiliko Oil Terminal in Cyprus. You may find in the link below the extensive reference of "Energy, Oil & Gas" magazine, published in December, regarding the project and TCB's contribution.


Main contractor J&P selected TCB as automation contractor for the delivery of an integrated DCS, ESD and FGDAS system based on:

  • YOKOGAWA Centum VP based DCS
  • YOKOGAWA ProSafe-RS Safety Instrumented Systems for ESD functions and for Fire&Gas Detection and Alarm System functions.


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The system features:

  • Distributed deployment of HMI and Controllers at Tank farm and Jetty comprises two control rooms
  • Integration of numerous subsystems such as tanks gauging system ,truck loading system, MOV controllers, F&G system, heat tracing system, electrical systems, VRU, etc.
  • Terminal Manipulation Management Application (TMMA)
  • Plant simulator for operator training


TMMA is designed to support plant operators with the handling of the line-up and operation of product movements throughout a terminal and jetty. The application is aimed to support the operators in the complex handling of multiple product movements and to avoid the risk of product contamination.


TMMA features: 

  • Support of new and existing terminals
  • Line-up definition, setup and tracking
  • Support of multiple-movements, multi-products groups
  • Support of fully & semi-automated plants (hand valves)
  • Support tanks, MLA's, truck loading, VRU, pumps, MOV's, HV's, and flow and level control.
  • Reporting functions


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